Inexperience doesn't have to be a drawback when you're building your circles. If you keep your conduct classy, you'll have no trouble earning the respect of your audience. These tips will get you started.

Add value: Create good stuff. While trite, it is true. Giving people something to get excited about and a reason to want to follow you is the best way to grow your community. Google+ allows you to target who gets to see your content if you wish, so use that tool to your advantage and get creative. Can you create a special circle just for your top influencers and advocates? You betcha! The sky's the limit!

Engage: If you're putting out quality content and giving people a reason and opportunity to engage with you, you must be there to back-up that conversation. Be there to get involved, address questions, and add to the conversation.

Frequency and scheduling

Respond: If a follower takes the time out of their day to ask a question, come to you for help, or even just share something with your brand, it is simply the right thing to do to engage and respond to them. Don't ever leave them hanging. The only thing worse than not being present in a conversation is being around and ignoring half of it.

Frequency and scheduling: As with other platforms, timing is important with your posts on Google+. It's a little easier here because of the built-in filtering that circles offer, but like other networks, you'll need to figure out the optimal times and frequency for posting to your Google+ page.

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A list of subscribers must be made before the user sends his campaign email or makes a subscribe form to place on their website. Email address added manually. You can also import mailchimp the e-mail address in your e-mail, of course with the permission of the person who will be imported. Always pay attention to email marketing and legal etiquette regarding spam. If they do not give permission to be registered as the recipient of your email, it can be done by sending them a special email to subscribe. If your account is often considered spam, the account will be blocked as a result.

Make a Form Visitors to the website must register with the newsletter via email. First, make a form as usual. Then design the shape and the last can be divided in three ways, namely: Mailchimp provides a separate URL so that it can be disseminated via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media. An HTML link, can be placed at the end of the document. The last option is to create an HTML code to create a subscribe form that can be placed in the blog sidebar as a widget. Send an Email.